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High Precision Screen Printing Systems
Coruna - printed electronics

Coruna Printed Electronics is one of the leading producer of high precision screen printing machines for organic and printed electronics in Switzerland.

Coruna offers not only machines, but also a lot of innovative technologies about functional screen printing: new printing processes and complete product solutions from the concept and implementation idea over layout and design of printing electronics to individual support and coaching during the entire development and manufacturing process.

We are distributor of Coruna Printed Electronics GmbH, thus we are your contact for products and services in Germany and Austria.




High precision Stack Printing and simple operation

here the Nino develops its entire opportunities.

High precision and professional Stack Printing with manual screen printing machines was only possible until now with larger and more expensive printing machines. Furthermore, it prints high precise in Multiple Print processes, Hole Filling or in Micro Gap Printing applications with various materials.

Here you could achieve structure width to 30µm with a  180x180mm print area.

Products which have to be produced in inert gas, for example N2 or argon, can be produced without any problems in a glove box, completely enclosed from the outside world.

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Pico 23

Highest precision and various screen printing processes

The name "Pico 23" represents a absolutely new dimension in functional screen printing. Structure width of 15µm, Print on Print, Stack Printing, Multiple Print, Micro Gap Printing and 3-D Screen Printing are only a few of functions, which the Pico 23 realises problem-free.


The machine was especially developed for the high requirements in printed electronics and adjust to every application because of its modular construction. Conversions are always possible and can be easily adjusted in the innovative operator software.

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Highest client-specificity in the industrial production

The Risto specialises an industrial screen printing production with 24-hour operations. As well as its brothers the Risto has mastered in Stackprinting, Multiple Printing and Micro Gap Printing. Printing formats of 20x20mm are possible as 2x2m because of its robust construction.

Despite its extremely stable construction, it allows the highest variability, owing to its product- and client-specific construction.

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Please click on the following link for more details about high precision screen printing machines or services of Coruna Printed Electronics:

Coruna - printed electronics
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