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About Emedico

Emedico - Smart Medical Devices


Printed electronics and medical products - how could they match?

Emedico digitise and innovate medicine. We support medical therapies with software and electronics, thus we close the gap where traditional electronics could not be used. 

Compared to conventional electronics printed electronics are more flexible, free in design and they possess thinner and different kinds of layer which make different functions possible.

Our products enable cost advantages to doctors, patients and insurance, as well as protect the environment at the same time: We attach great importance to an environmentally friendly and sustained production. The manufacturing of our products is waste-free at 99.9%, as the additive manufacturing process does not waste materials.


The team of Emedico joins each sector of medicine and research, technology, software and electronic development with Know-How and many years of experience in orthodontia, technology of feeding and printed circuit boards, physics as well as in the sector of layout, electronic and software development, therefore it is possible for Emedico to cover all important positions of the whole development and manufacturing process.

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